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03 - Layer 3 Services (2)

Revisit SMTP.  Examine some subtle features of protocols on-the-wire like streaming over HTTP and how encryption has been adapted into different protocols.  Discuss encryption and the DigiNotar CA compromise.  Begin a discussion of network inventory and an introduction to flow.  


Collect Homework #2.
Assign Homework #3, due 9/20.
Assign Project #1, due 9/27.


In addition to the homework I'd like you to take a look at some of the articles below that talk about Comodohacker and the DigiNotar certificate compromise.  We'll be using this as an example of encryption, it's a really interesting compromise that we've seen happen a few times already...and will likely happen more often.  Be sure to note the source as you work through the documents, that should have a significant impact on how you interpret what's actually written down.

As mentioned last week, if you want to study protocols in a bit more detail, check out these references:

TCP/IP Illustrated: The Implementation
By W. Richard Stevens, Gary R. Wright
Contributor Gary R. Wright
Published by Addison-Wesley, 1994
ISBN 0201633469, 9780201633467
600 pages
This is my personal favorite for getting started with network protocols.  It's an old text that hasn't been updated lately--which means you won't get confused with all the crazy workarounds that have been implemented over the years.  Start out with the fundamentals, then you can study RFCs that added the just features you're most interested in.

Headers, Tables, Tools and Notes
Written and compiled by James Summers
SANS Institute
2 pages

SANS Institute
2 pages
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